Hello, Nuremberg!

Opening in early 2021. Bookings from May 1st, 2021 are already possible! For further inquiries you can also reach us by phone +49 911 3767660 or via the contact form.

„In the kitchen, as in all forms of art, simplicity is proof of perfection.“

This quote from French writer and gourmet Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755 – 1826) is just as apt today as it was 250 years ago. For all the importance of attention to detail, it’s simplicity that will always be the key to brilliance.

The Karl August is home to two gastronomic experiences, and together they make a culinary ensemble that delights guests, visitors and connoisseurs alike: the Bistro PIQUE NIQUE and the Brasserie NITZ.

From an espresso and croissant to a lavish brunch, from an imaginative lunch to a seasonal, regionally inspired dinner menu – we’ve thought of everything. There’s something for everyone. Just come in, take a seat and soak in the atmosphere.


Brasserie Nitz

On the River Pegnitz, a bright and airy venue with plenty of style – somewhere halfway between a restaurant and a bistro. There’s breakfast à la carte and tasty lunch dishes. Just fancy a few oysters but don’t want to rush off? Then linger over a glass of Sancerre or Chablis… In the evening there’s our dinner menu with classic dishes and internationally inspired creations. Life is easy at NITZ. Some guests drop by and head off again, others stay longer and end the day with a drink at the bar or a deep conversation.


Café Pique Nique

A daytime café full of spirit. With the finest pastries and hearty snacks, coffee specialities and refreshing beverages. The nine-metre-long bar is where hotel guests mingle with neighbours, visitors and newspaper readers. The PIQUE NIQUE is a rendezvous for all kinds of people, a place to start your day, meet friends, have a break or do some work with a great view of the Market Square.


The gastronomy manager

Jens Brockerhof is the owner of Sosein (2 Michelin stars) in Heroldsberg, and of Nuremberg luxury patisserie Tafelzier. For over 15 years his name has been synonymous with top cuisine and pure indulgence, and now he’s responsible for the catering at Karl August.


The chef

Michelin veteran Henri Diagne has already delighted guests at Munich’s Königshof (2 stars) and Biarritz’s l’impertinent (1 star) with his creativity. As kitchen chef at NITZ he brings French style to Nuremberg.


The sommelier

Abel Gebredingl tasted the finest wines at Essigbrätlein (2 stars) before he ran Nuremberg steak temple Goldener Pudel. As operations manager and sommelier, he‘s the man for wine recommendations and creative signature cocktails.